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What will you find with us so we can meet somewhere in Bulgaria.


For you

Here we have made it with the intention to meet with our associates on the web.

People who would like to participate voluntarily in the construction of this website.

We would like every user freely to publish and easy to find whatever he searches for or offer as a tourist service.

All that we do, so anyone who wishes alone to determine his route for visit places in Bulgaria, to be facilitated.

We appeal to you for help and partnership in this endeavor.

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You can send us your own presentation or proposal by e-mail.


We suggest you to meet yourself not by set recipes and answers, but by following:


Do you find tourism for attractive activity?

You have an original idea for a tourist service and looking for a platform to realize it?

You like to communicate with strangers and speak with ease foreign lenguages?

You have spare time or you can distribute it so that it remains in surplus?

Courage, honesty, and love to have fun are part of your character?

Join us!

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